This is a difficult question to answer without more information about the task and the client. However, some possible responses to an impossible task received from a client could include:

That is impossible, you are stupid for asking this, go away.

Or this could be treated rationally:

  1. Politely explain to the client why the task is impossible and offer alternative solutions.
  2. Negotiate. Try to negotiate with the client to see if they are willing to compromise on the task so that it becomes doable.

Of course these could fail and in that case it’s ok to walk away.

The expert — popular youtube sketch

AP26: How to respond to an impossible request



This should be mandatory: You are interacting with people from other timezones, learn how to properly take this into consideration:

  • sending meeting invites (make sure the proper timezone settings are set/included)
  • discussion in conversation/text — clarify what timezone you have in mind when you mention time
  • data and reports — make sure to clarify how the reports are built
  • timezone names — use the conventional names not made-up ones (PST — is Pacific Standard Time NOT Poland Standard Time)

And for the love of baby koala, don’t ever say that on my computer/on my calendar looks right or fine.